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VarioGate 3
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Variogate in combination with a barrier to create an enclosed loading area.

artnr: 00385

With a MIMsafe VarioGate in combination with a MIMsafe VarioBarrier or a MIMsafe Safety net it is possible to create a enclosed area of the entire luggage compartment that can be used for the transport of dogs or anything else you want to keep protected. Just as on the MIMsafe Variocage, doors are fitted with gas hydraulic motion springs and can be locked. Leash Hooks are included.

MIMsafe Variogate is adjustable in terms of height, width and depth, making it suitable for most cars without a threshold in the rear.

If you have two dogs that you want to keep separately or if you like to give your dog a safe area and use the rest of cargo area for other loads,  you can solve it with a  MIMsafe Variogate Divider.

Depth: 600-1250 mm.
Width: 955-1120 mm.
Height: 620-920 mm.

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Here you can se which MimSafe products will fit in your car. Products are tested in standard cars without extra carpets or accessories. 

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