MIMsafe Variosystem contains products for you who appreciate your own as well as your passengers safety when traveling in a vehicle. Regardless if you are using your vehicle as a private person or as a proffesional we aim for your safe travel.

With our products you gain a secure and safe protection when traveling with a load in your vehicle. MIMsafe Variosystem is integrated and cooperates with your vehicles safety features. You will have the best transport safety solution and features without doing any damage to the car when installing. The system have several applications and can be expanded with new applications when needed. MIMsafe Variosystem will be expanded successively with new accessories and features.

Variobarrier I Bil1 Small 00384 01
Variobarrier I Bil1 Small 00384 01
Variobarrier Large 01
Variobarrier Small 01
MIMsafe Variobarrier HR 974x730

MIM Safe Variobarrier is a universal safety barrier tested according to crash test standard ECE-R17 / ISO 27955, and approved by SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden). The quality of this universal barrier match and even exceed some car manufacturers own model specific accessorie barriers. A MIMsafe Variobarrier you even can move to your next car, if it has a flat floor and load anchors.

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VarioGate 3
VarioGate 3
VarioGate 1

With a MIMsafe VarioGate in combination with a MIMsafe Safety net or Variobarrier, you create an inclosed part in the luggage compartment thet can be used for transporting of pets or other loads that you want to secure.

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VarioDivider 1
VarioDivider 1

MIMsafe Variogate Divider, an accessory for the Variogate in order to separate load from the compartment of your pet, or if you have two larger pets that needs to be separated. It is designed to withstand loads and forces from the side, and have built in safety feature if you are hit from the behind in an accident.

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Here you can se which MimSafe products will fit in your car. Products are tested in standard cars without extra carpets or accessories.

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