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Crash tested dog crates for safe travel with pets and family

For the conscious petowners we offer MIMsafe Variocage for safe transport for your pet in a car. A crash tested crate, tested and approved according to SPCT (Safe Pet Crate Test) by SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden).
MIMsafe Variocage is the safest solution on the market today for the pet owners and their pet when traveling in a car. In the event of a collision, MIMsafe Variocage is compressed togehter with the vehicles deformation zone without the risk of splintering or break in order to secure your pet. MIMsafe Variocage is also equiped with an emergency hatch to ensure that you can evacuate your pet even if the cargo door can not be opend.
For the daily use MIMsafe Variocage is equiped with a gas spring to ensure keeping the door in position when open.


The metal covered door on MIMsafe Variocage minimize pinching when the trunk is closed. The rounded shapes on the Variocage is kind for the pet, human and the interior of the car. The main material used in the crate is metal, wear exposed parts such as door and floor is rust protected. The door is equipped with a two step lock just like a car door in order to prevent a “fake” locking of the door. It is also equiped with a gas spring to help keeping the door in the open position and also a soft closing. You have a storage pocket behind the handle of the door. MIMsafe Variocage is designed and produced in Sweden by MIM Construction AB.

MIMsafe Variocage is developed and designed for safe pet transport based on the same security thinking from when developing safety for the driver and passengers in a vehicle. In a MIMsafe Variocage you will find  uniqe safety features not find on any other crate on the market. The telescopic design that allows you to adjust the length to the booth of you car also give a deformation zone that effectively neutralize colission forces. The MIMsafe Variocage is a system where all parts work together and in a collision and will deform in a controlled way so it will not harm your pet. By this it is also splinter free and keeps your pet securly containd in an accident preventing it from escaping and ending up in the traffic. If the trunk is not possible to open, MIMsafe Variocage is equiped with an emergency hatch so you easy can help your pet out from the crashed car.
MIMsafe Variocage is crash tested according to SPCT (Safe Pet Crate Test) performed at SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden) in Borås. The SPCT test includes front, end and roll over collisions.

MIMsafe Variocage is flexibel with an adjustable depth in order to fit your pet as well as to fit the depth of the trunk of your car. MIMsafe Variocage Minimax have a narrower distance between the tubes on the sides and in the door in order to enclose smaller dogs and cats.

MIMsafe VarioCage is assembled and installed in a car without any additional tools. Variocage shuld be fixed into the load anchors in the trunk with the supplied strapps, just to keep the crate in the right crash safe position during travling.

A divider is supplied with all MIMsafe Variocage double. Wear exposed surfaces are anti corrosion treated and powder coated with similar methods used by car manufacturers.

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VarioCage Original Single L 2
VarioCage Original Single L 2
VarioCage Original Single L 1

Single cage with plenty of space.

A safe and very practical transport cage or dog crate, which also leaves room for other luggage when keeping your pet safe. Easy adjustabe to fit the depth of your luggage space.

Choose the single cage if you need some part of the luggage compartment to other things.

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VarioCage Original Double M 2
VarioCage Original Double M 2
VarioCage Original Double M 1

Double cage with a divider.

Two dogs can travel separated without reaching eachother. If one of the dogs needs more space, the divider can be adjusted side ways. The divider can be demounted if a larger single dog needs more space.

Choose a double cage for a large dog or two smaller.

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VarioCage Compact Single XL 2
VarioCage Compact Single XL 2
VarioCage Compact Single L 2

Single cage espescially designed for hatchback cars.

Select MIMsafe Variocage Compact if your car has a threshold. The Compact model is specially adapted for a hatchback car with an elevated door that can be opened above the threshold of your car. The door elevation is 23 cm and gives you and your pet the posibility to a safe travel.

Choose a MIMsafe Variocage Compact when having a threshold in your car.

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VarioCage MiniMax Single L 1
VarioCage MiniMax Single L 1

Single cage for the smalest family members.

MIMsafe Variocage Minimax is adapted for the smaller pets bodies. Thanks to the narrower distances between all tubes it fits both smaller dogs and cats.
The MiniMax model gives your small pet the same full protection that their larger cousins get in our larger cages.

MIMsafe Variocage Minimax suits your petite pet!

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Here you can see which MimSafe products will fit in your car. Products are tested in standard cars without extra carpets or accessories.

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