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The ALLSAFE harness is one of the safest harnesses on the market today. It is tested and approved by TÜV and provides your dog a safe travel in the passenger compartment. This is a good solution for most dog owners with a car of a sedan model. It is recommended to keep your dog in the rear seat so it does not distract the driver.
ALLSAFE Harness comes in four sizes, Small (up to 15 kg) Medium (15-30 kg), Large (30-55 kg) and XL (+55 kg). We do recommend that dogs over 15 – 20 kg should travel in a crate in the luggage compartment for the safest travel.
ALLSAFE Harness is supposed to be attatched to the safety belt of your vehicle’s rear seat.

  • Safety belt harness // Walking harness // Pulling harness // Tracking harness
  • Crash tested according to ISO 27955:2010 (ECE-R17)
  • Approved by TÜV Süd
  • Works in all cars
  • Allow your dog to sit and lay down comfortable
  • Adjustable straps
  • A combination of soft padding and strong nylon avoids pressure and chafe on the dog
  • Stainless steele buckles
  • Reflexes
  • Washable

Alternative models


Allsafe Harness Small

artnr: 00098

For dogs up to 15 kg.


Allsafe Harness Medium

artnr: 00099

For dogs between 15-30 kg.


Allsafe Harness Large

artnr: 00100

For dogs between 30-55 kg.


Allsafe Harness X-Large

artnr: 00101

For dogs above 55 kg.


ALLSAFE theather for safety harness

artnr: 00198

Fits all ALLSAFE Harnesses above.


Here you can see which MimSafe products will fit in your car. Products are tested in standard cars without extra carpets and accessories.

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