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Safe transport solutions for pets and equipment

MimSafe products are safe solutions for pets and humans traveling in a vehicle. MIMsafe products are designed and manufactured by MIM Construction AB in Sweden. MIMsafe products are uniqe in design and safety features and offers both pet and pet owners comfortable and safe travel in your vehicle. Design and knowledge of safe transport solutions for pet owners and proffesionals with loads in the luggage compartment comes from a long cooperation together with some of the worlds larges car manufacturers and their designers.


For the wise pet owner, MIMsafe Variocage is the safest solution for transporting of pets in a vehicle. It is designed to protect both your pet as well as uyourself and your passengers in case of an accident when traveling. MIMsafe Variocage is compressed in a crash and working together with your cars deformation zone, minimizing possible injuries. It is also equiped with an emergency hatch for an easy emergency exit.

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Weather you transport a larger pet or another type of load in your proffession or private, our MIMsafe Variosystem contains several products that makes these transport safeer for for you as a driver and your passengers.
MIMsafe Variosystem contains universal barriers, compartment dividers and gates to contain your pet in the luggage compartment.

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Equip your car for everyday demands. Protect your bumper from scratches when your pet jumps in the car. Let your dog rest comfortable on a cosy pad/mat. Secure your pet with a safety harness if you let your pet travel in the passenger compartment. This type of products you will find here.

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Here you can see which MimSafe products will fit in your car. Products are tested in standard cars without extra carpets and accessories.

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