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Crash Tested Products

MIM Construction AB are actively working for your safety when traveling with cargo in your car since 1986. Crash safety is the center of this and we have a vast knowledge within this that has been earned from a vast number of performed crash testing and theoretical knowledge
Depending on type of product there are different demands within the crash safety features. The common goal is tough to have a safe travel when transporting cargo in your car. Cargo for us can be your pet!

Safety / Cargo barrier

A safety barrier is not mounted in your car just to look good. Its feature is to protect both human as well as your pet during transport. The barrier should protect against loose cargo in the car and withstand the huge force that arise in a collision. Even small and simple things as a can, can be lethal in a quick breaking situation or a light collision if it comes flying from the luggage compartment.

MIMsafe Safety barriers are developed according to ISO 27955, most of them are approved by TÜV according to this standard. The test is equivalent to a crash of 31 mph (50 km/h). When tested it shall not come lose or deform to much. The MIMsafe Safety barriers is among the few manufacturers that are able to fulfill this standard. Our barriers is also designed in thought of not to disturb the airbag curtains in the car in case of an accident.

MIMsafe Cargo barriers are developed according to ISO 237956 and the protective area shall cover the whole area from the floor to the roof. Any place in this area can not be deformed more than 200 mm or break when applying a force of 0,3 times the vehicles max load during 10 seconds.

MIMsafe Variocage (Transport/dog cages)

The safety features of a cage must work together with the safety features of the vehicle and needs to be tested in frontal & rear impact as well as in a roll over situation. The cage must be stable enough to withstand crash violence without open or break in a way that can hurt or not containing the dog after a crash. It shall not be a hazard for the humans inside the vehicle.

SPCT, Safe Pet Crate Test, by SP, Technical research institute of Sweden in Borås take all these aspects in consideration and when measuring forces on crash test dummies it can be compared with the limits for whiplash and spinal injuries that the automotive industry must achieve when designing a car.

SPCT test methods are well documented and transparent to see what is tested and also have limits for each test. ISO 27955 and ECE-R44 are the base of the SPCT and the crash pulses used. (31 mph for the frontal impact and 18.7 mph for the rear impact)

MIMsafe Variocage is crash tested and approved according to SPCT and we are transparent with the results that can be viewed on our webpage. As there are no governmental standards for cages we think that the SPCT test is the one that are closest to reality today.
MIMsafe Variocage is today the safest alternative for transporting a pet in a car. This goes for both pet and human.

Safety harness

MIMsafe Allsafe harness is crash tested by TÜV in Germany according to ECE-R17 that sets the crash pulses to 31 mph (50 km/h) in a frontal impact.
When it comes to harnesses a lot of manufacturers point at the strength of different parts in the design. This is not enough as it needs to be tested as a complete product and in reality like form in order to show the function.
Safety harnesses is a solution for small dogs.

Quality Policy

We have designed and manufactured security products since 1986.

We ensure that as many as possible are able travel as safely as possible.