With our MIMsafe Accessories, you can tavel with more comfort for both yourself and your pet. Protect and keep your car clean, let your best friend rest on a soft pad, have some fresh air and a sip of water.

Let your pet get some fresh air by keeping the trunk door open with Airkit when parked. With the Airkit you will still be able to lock the car.
Note! Never leave a pet or child inside a car on a hot day or when the sun shines! They can die of the heat inside the car!
This accessory should only be used in the autum, winter or spring.

Allsafe, our tested safety harness will give your dog the opportunity to sit safe in the passenger compartment. It is one of the safest harness on the market. Comes in four different sizes, from small dogs up to 15 kg up to Extra Large for dogs up to +55 kg.

Universal luggage compartment protection suits most estate vehicles on the market. Makes it easy to clean out gravel and dirt that has followed your pet or load inside the car.

A more exclusive luggage compartment protection that suits most estate vehicles on the market. Protects your luggage compartment from dirt and damp. Water resistance and an integrated bumper cover.

A stable but soft pad for your dog. Foldable to fit most of MIMsafe Variocage models. The Back-on-track concept will have positive effects on your dogs muscles and blood circulation.

MIMsafe Cover logotyp
MIMsafe Cover monterad i en Kia Sportage. / MIMsafe Cover together with Variocage installed in a Kia Sportage.

A practical bumper protection, protects a painted bumper from dirt gravel, liquids and sharp edges or claws when loading or when your dog jumps in your car.

A splash free 0,7 liter waterbowl in stainless steel with a hanger for mounting in a MIMsafe Variocage.

Keep order on your leashes and other accessories with these leash hooks especially made for MIMsafe Variocage.


Here you can see which MimSafe products will fit in your car. Products are tested in standard cars without extra carpets and accessories.

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